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For the past two years, I have been very proud to have been voted as one of the Top 10 Vintage Websites at Lulu's Vintage Blog. Lulu has two categories - her own favorites and the People's Choice award. My friends, Couture Allure needs your help! If you love this blog and my website, please pop on over to Lulu's Blog and vote for me by leaving a comment on this post naming Couture Allure as your favorite vintage website!

OK, so I can't set you free, but as a thank you, I will do two things for you.

1. I'll continue to bring you the best selection of vintage clothing on the web.

2. I'll share this video of the Temptations performing "Ball of Confusion" so you can stop wondering, "What song was it that had that line, 'Vote for me and I'll set you free'?". If you're like me, that was going to bother you all day until you figured it out, right? By the way, "Ball of Confusion" was released in June of 1970 and hit #3 on the Billboard charts. Rock on. Now!

Pirate noise makers~

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Its pirate season for me... I've finally set a date for this years yearly pirate party that we host... the last weekend in June. *gasp, thats right around the corner!* I better get crackin'!
I picked up this huge lot of noise makers last summer at a yard sale, I think I paid a dollar for the lot. I had visions of making them into something a little more "piratey".... Sooooooooooo... I bought a book of maps for .50cents and glued-cut-shaped-glued some more until each one was covered. Then I distressed the edges and added some pirate stickers... Taaaaaa daaaaaaa pirate noise makers!I also made-over this ring toss game, it was originally painted in bright colors. I used sisal rope and some Jute.
Now, I've just got to stash these in with the other pirate stuff and get busy working on some more things~

Pierre Cardin - Tout Pour L'Homme

Pierre Cardin, 1965

When you think of Mod, you think of Pierre Cardin. He was one of the pioneers of the architectural design lines and cutouts of the mid 1960s. But did you know that Cardin also was a menswear fashion innovator? As early as 1960, Cardin was experimenting with the traditional business suit by removing collars, lapels, and cuffs.

Early Beatle's suit by Douglas Milling in the collection of the Museum of Liverpool.

London tailor Douglas Millings, who made many of the early Beatles stage suits, copied Pierre Cardin's collarless suit for the Fab Four, and the look was an instant success all over the world. Cardin's menswear was also worn by John Steed in the British TV series, "The Avengers".

In 1966, Cardin opened his first menswear store, "Tout Pour L'Homme" at 59 rue du Fauborg Saint-Honoré in Paris.

Pierre Cardin, 1968

Cardin was an innovator in mixing leather, vinyl, and metal with wool for fabulous op-art effects.

Pierre Cardin, 1968

He often designed coordinating men's and women's fashions. Here he uses silver and black vinyl in a pair of Space Age looks from 1968.

Pierre Cardin, 1970

It was Pierre Cardin who introduced the Nehru jacket after traveling to India and Pakistan in the 1960s. He used fancy brocades and other unusual fabrics for men's jackets. He also showed turtlenecks instead of button-down shirts for men.

Pierre Cardin, 1972

Here, Cardin shows wider lapels in a suit coat that extends to midi length.

Pierre Cardin, 1972

A precursor to the look that American menswear manufacturers would ruin in polyester fabric, a Leisure Suit in bright blue wool.

Pierre Cardin, 1972

Another popular look for men in the early 70s - bell bottoms and vertical stripes. Somehow Cardin makes it all work.

Vintage Play Clothes - 1949

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Rochas seersucker jumpsuit, 1949

When you think of your mom or grandmom going to the beach or to the park in mid-summer 1949, what do you see her wearing? Sometimes, we have a notion that back then, women wore dresses or skirts all the time. Nothing could be further from the truth! For casual or sporty outings, shorts, clam diggers, and pants were definitely A-OK. After all, you don't have to be a kid to have fun at play!

Tina Leser madras cotton coverall. Sold for $19 in 1949 (about $174 in today's dollar).

Sportwhirl navy poplin jacket is matched with lighter blue cuffed shorts. The jacket sold for $10.95 in 1949 (about $100 in today's dollar).

Blue cotton midriff blouse and bloomer shorts by Mme. Grés.

Wellington Sears made a line of cotton sailcloth separates in 17 colors that could be mixed and matched in many ways. The line included jackets, shorts, pants, skirts, and halter tops.

The pieces ranged in price from $4.95 - $9.95 each (about $45 - $91 in today's dollar) and were sold at Neiman Marcus and Peck and Peck.

Você sabia?

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Que nenhum corpo é exatamente igual ao outro não é novidade. 
Por isso precisamos nos acostumar que nem sempre a roupa de que gostamos irá cair perfeita em nosso corpo. 
Cada uma de nós deveria ter uma costureira de sua confiança para pequenos ajustes, ao invés de desistir de usar alguma peça pela qual nos apaixonamos, mas que não caiu perfeitamente.
Fica a dica!

Yves St. Laurent's Nod to Elsa Schiaparelli

For his Fall/Winter "Collection Shakespeare" of 1980, Yves St. Laurent paid tribute to literature by using references to various poets in a surrealistic manner.

The jacket shown above is embroidered with a line from Jean Cocteau's 1920's poem "Battierie". Translated, the line reads, "Sun, I am black inside and rose outside, which is the metamorphosis." The pink satin jacket is lined in black velvet and a crystal and sequined sun forms the collar.

This black coat is embroidered with the title of a poem by Apollinaire, "Tout Terriblement".

As part of the same collection, St. Laurent showed this blue velvet jacket embroidered with a pair of eyes and the words, "Les Yeux d'Elsa". Translated as "The Eyes of Elsa", the words are the title of a poem by Louis Aragon. However, St. Laurent also cleverly pays tribute to Elsa Schiaparelli with this jacket by taking inspiration from her Zodiac Collection of 1938-39.

This Schiaparelli jacket in blue velvet is embroidered with the signs of the zodiac, planets, and constellations.

Metropolitan Museum Costume Collection

And this Schiaparelli jacket from the same collection, is embroidered with gold starbursts. Do you see the inspiration?

Regata básica com renda - VENDIDA

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Regata básica Club Soda

Blusa de alcinhas em algodão canelado com renda no busto,
cor lilás
tamanho P

97% algodão, 3% elastano

Por apenas R$34,00

Bare Midriffs - 1990

Yes, 1990. To me, this looks like it could have been designed by an American sportswear designer like Joset Walker or Carolyn Schnurer in the 1940s, but this midriff baring ensemble from 1990 is by Gianfranco Ferre. The top is in stretch jersey with the matching pants in silk crepe de chine. Bare midriffs were a hot trend in the early 90s. In the coming years, waistlines of pants and skirts will drop to reveal even more, but for now they remain at the natural or high waist. Check out this post of mine from 2009 about bare midriffs from 1945 for a comparison. And here are more looks from 1990 and 1991.

Louis Feraud, 1991

Krizia, 1991

Louis Feraud, 1990

Claude Montana, 1990

Givenchy, 1991

New at Couture Allure - Vintage Dresses

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We have lots of newly added vintage dresses at Couture Allure this week, including several little black dresses from the 1940s and 50s. See all our new items by clicking the What's New tab at the website.

Weekend Eye Candy - Nina Ricci 1957

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Floral print + evening gown = Love at first sight. Nina Ricci silk evening gown, 1957.

Resin Charms~

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Well...I've been fooling around with my resin again. I had bought a silver bracelet for .25cents at a yard sale that had a seashell in each bezel. I pried each shell out of each bezel so I could use it to hold resin. If you've priced bezels... you'd know what a bright-bright girlie I am. *lol* The first layer I added some aged paper to the back and sides... then I added some teeny-tiny berries, added some resin and let that set up overnight. The next day, I added a teeny-tiny fairy and some moss to each one to create a fairy sitting in a nest then another coat of resin. I think they turned out pretty cute.The little one on the right is my favorite~ When you view these in person they are very clear, I don't know why they photographed all funky like they did.These little charms were made using some bezels from a .50cent watch I got at another yard sale. I pried the faux stones out of each bezel... added some vintage German text as the base... added a fairy and the resin and taaaaaa daaaaaaaaa more fairy charms.
These two are my favorites~These silver pieces I picked up at a local bead store. The large was $1.49 the small was .89cents. They are really shallow.... but I thought I would give them a try. I dunno.... I'm not to thrilled with them. I think I'll still play around with these two. Maybe I'll add some glitter and try to add some more resin. Finally, I tried my hand at putting resin in a frame instead of a bezel that has a back on it. I used packing tape to keep the resin from seeping out from the frame. I don't know if the tape will come off-- but I'm thinking it will. *fingers crossed* The silver frame I tried to place a thin-thin coat of resin on it so I could put layers on it--- its still a work in progress. The paper is discolored because the glue I used to seal the paper wasn't completely dry~ Well, I'm off to go work out in the yard-- I'm taking full advantage of this beautiful day and I hope your day is beautiful as well!

Guess the Date

Care to take a guess at the date of this bare midriff ensemble? Answer on Monday!

Awful 80s Fashion #6

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Today, the 6th in our series of public service announcements about how not to dress. I bring you Awful 80s Fashion!

Do I really need to say anything?

Do my ankles look fat? Hell, yes!

Why do designers think we want to look like little kids? I don't know if you can tell in the insert picture, but the back of the sweater has the backs of the bunnies with real pom-pom tails. And Saks had the audacity to charge $180 for this sweater in 1985!

Take one sweater, add another sweater to each sleeve and you've got three sweaters in one!

Honey, I lost my underarms.

Add 10 pounds to your hips instantly with this amazing dress!

Even better, add 20 pounds!

I'm big, I'm bad, I'm plaid.

I actually like this cape-coat. But the photo cracks me up. Did someone call Zorro?