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I've gotten myself another addiction..... I'm sure you've all seen these? If not, they are called a Knifty Knitter. It is basically a loom that you use to weave yarn with one hook that gives you results that look like you've knitted. These basic round looms are perfect for making hats...... you can make a flat panel/blanket with the round looms too.I picked mine up at a yard sale for $3.00 for the set (brand new, never used) In the craft stores they run anywhere from $15.00 to $20.00 depending on where you buy them. With the help of several video's from the internet, I quickly saw how easy it was to create a simple knitted hat... and thats all she wrote.... I was addicted. This is the perfect thing to work on when your on the phone. No thinking, just a simple yarn over technique. Easy peasy.
I made a matching adult hat and childs hat using a strand of variegated yarn with a strand of white yarn. I finished the top of each hat by crocheting the ends together to keep it open and flat. I then added a tassel to each side. This hat I made using the same variegated yarn with a strand of black. I finished this hat off by gathering the ends and adding a large pom pom to the top.I also made two matching valentine hats.......With five hats under my belt and feeling quite cocky.... I decided to try making a vertical striped hat. This hat pattern isn't hard, but you do have to pay attention to the placement of the yarn on the loom a little closer so it ends up being perfectly aligned when your finished.
Of course, I had to make a matching scarf.... this one is made with a single ply of yarn using the smallest of the looms. These are the school colors for my grandson's school where he will be attending kindergarten next year..... I'm planning on making him a vintage inspired school pennant on a stick too... cute-cute-cute.
Hmmm looks like I spend a lot of time on the phone doesn't it ;-P

Nelly Don Dress - 1961

The Nelly Don Company was known from the 1930s through the 70s for it's stylish, yet budget minded dresses.  This sheer cotton blend dress from 1961 came in misses and half sizes.  Made even more special with the addition of a bright pink hat, don't you think?  Sold in 1961 for $18.00 (about $136.00 in today's dollar.)

Harvey Berin Dress - 1955

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Delicious, no?  This incredible dress was designed by Karen Stark for Harvey Berin.  The dress is pieced together from black lace and pin-tucked black silk chiffon.  It is lined in a light colored silk, probably pink or beige.  The work that went into this beauty is simply astounding!

Stylish grandmas!

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I just recently discovered these photos on forum, and they all come from a blog Advanced Style ... These grannys love fashion, travel, some of them go out every night, practice pilates every day and they are 90 years old! I am amazed, I really am. 
I've only seen these kind of grannys on the streets Milan, Rome, Udine and Geneva, but, unfortunately never in the streets of my country, hope that this will change...

Nedavno sam otkrila ove fotke na forumu, a sve su potekle sa bloga Advanced Style.... Preslatke su mi ove bake koje obozavaju modu, putovanja, neke od njih izlaze svako vece i vezbaju pilates svaki dan, odusevljena sam, stvarno jesam :)

Ovakve bakice sam vidjala uglavno po inostranstvu, na ulicama Milana, Rima, Udina, Pariza i Geneve , nazalost, nikad kod nas... Nasi ljudi misle da postaju stari u trenutku kada napune 40,50 godina. Istina je da  ne mozemo da uticemo na starenje fizicki, ali zato treba da se trudimo da nas duh zauvek ostane mlad :)

New at Couture Allure - Vintage Party Dresses and Hats

New at Couture Allure this week are some lovely vintage party dresses and more hats from Mrs. Plankenhorn!  Be sure to check our What's New page to see all the latest items!

1950s cream lace with pink lining dress, perfect for a wedding or prom!

1980s does 50s white taffeta party dress.

1950s silk roses dress.

1960s dress with floating drapes.

1960s pink roses hat.

1940s hat with elaborate silk ribbons.

Weekend Eye Candy - Pierre Cardin Diffusion, 1975

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Two evening gowns from Pierre Cardin's Diffusion line for spring 1975.  Both gowns are made of brightly colored silks and, while vastly different, I love them both.  How about you?

Newly listed to Etsy

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I've been trying my hardest to get decent photos of the necklaces and earrings that I've been making. I find it much easier making things than photographing the end results. Especially when I want to get fabulous close ups.... Ugh... no easy task. I think I'm going to have to actually google "how to take photos of necklaces & earrings" and actually read what they suggest. Nuts... I'm not a big fan of following directions reading~ Hmmm maybe I'll be lucky enough to hit upon a slide show of photos on "how to" do it.....I would like to have a light box, maybe even a tripod with it all set up ready to go.....

Lanvin-Castillo Dress - 1961

Lanvin-Castillo makes evening sultry with many layers of sheer black silk marquisette.  The matching silk boa was a big feature in their line for Spring 1961.  This dress copied in America by Saks Fifth Avenue.

June Arden Dresses - 1949

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June Arden made budget dresses, but they sure don't look it, do they?  Both are made of rayon shantung, perfect for the warmer days of summer.  The dresses were available in misses and half sizes and sold for $9 in 1949 (about $86 in today's dollar.)

Hearts laying around...

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I've been working on making a few Valentine things recently. It is only 21 days away, its sneaking up on me just as fast as Christmas did. Here I've taken one of those plastic gold angels that were really popular once upon a time and turned it into a cupid. I spray painted the little cherub and distressed it then I added real fabric to cover the plastic molded fabric. Of course whats a cupid without fluffy white wings? I also made a quiver full of arrows that he has on his hip. I didn't make a bow for this cupid as he is very cunning and uses the strings on his mandolin to shoot off his arrows. Thats why you never see it coming... then *bam* an arrow right to the um~ heart.... and your in love~I also whipped up some valentine hearts.... you can never have to many hearts laying around. I've got a lot more hearts I've made over the years, stuffed in a drawer-- somewhere. I'll probably find them around halloween~For fifty cents I purchased a piece of red sequined/stitched fabric that I've been cutting into heart shapes and stitching them together.

Mary Black Dress - 1961

Designer Mary Black made this stunning silk chiffon dress exclusively for Bergdorf Goodman in 1961.  Drapes drop from the shoulders and are attached to the skirt front.  The dress was available in avocado green, beige and navy and came in sizes 10-20.  Sold in 1961 for $215 (about $1628 in today's dollar.)

Talmack Silk Dress - 1956

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The Mattie Talmack name is largely forgotten today, but Mr. Talmack's design house produced some gorgeous dresses.  Likely designed by John Moore, this paisley silk shantung sheath dress is adorned with elaborate frog closures over the side zipper.  Apricot and pink are touched with gold metallic threads.  Sold for $100 in 1956 (about $832 in today's dollar.)

Mainbocher Evening Gown - 1963

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This Mainbocher couture evening gown is from the spring of 1963.  White silk crepe is printed with a black geometric pattern.  I adore the mix of a casual print with a formal dress. The gown has a high neckline and short train in the back.  Made to order only in Mainbocher's couture salon in New York.